Looking for Legal (Solicitor) Sales Leads?

If you are looking to grow your business with regular new business enquiries we can provide you with sales opportunities. We provide web-based sales leads for solicitors. To put it simply, we advertise using our experience on google adwords, and attract clients who are in need of a solicitor. They enter their details which are automatically sent on to you in real-time to convert. Simple.

What are Legal (Solicitor) Leads?

The premise of our legal leads is very simple. We place people who have the need for a solicitor, with a solicitor in their local area, it really is as simple as that. We do this by advertising on Google in your local area and when people search, they find our websites and fill in one of our online forms. We then take the enquiry and place it with the partner legal firm in the relevant postcode area.

Features of our leads

  • Leads drilled to specific postcodes,
  • Real time delivery into your inbox,
  • Exclusive sales leads only sold once,
  • All leads generated through Google Adwords (no email marketing/telesales),
  • All leads pro-actively searching Google for your services,
  • Fair Rejection Policy,
  • No contracts or tie ins – if you don’t like our leads you are not committed to annual fees.
  • View our online video to see our process

What’s the Return on Investment?

Return on investment does differ from client to client, and is very much dependent on how quickly each sales opportunity is acted upon, but the key numbers are below (average across all legal clients)

Key ROI Numbers

  • Average leads per month – 20
  • Contact rate on leads – 94%
  • Meeting rate on leads – 57%
  • ROI on first year fees for each piece of business – 670%
  • Longer term and further referral ROI – unlimited

We also now have an in house qualification team who are able to qualify clients and book in the meetings for you, to save your busy schedule.

What our clients say…..

We’ve been working with Professional Leads for several months now and couldn’t be happier with the levels of service. The quality of leads are high. Anyone wanting to grow their client base with quality customers should give them a go

Alex Weddell

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