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The premise of our sales leads is very simple. We place businesses with people who have the need for their service in their local area. We do this by advertising on Google in your local area and when people search, they find our website and fill in one of our online forms. We then take the enquiry and place it with one of the partner companies in the relevant postcode area.

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Financial Advisor Leads
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Solicitors Leads
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Bookkeeping Leads

The process

Our leads are sourced from clever intent based google web marketing strategies and are delivered to your inbox in real time. We never use tele sales or email marketing to source our leads.

We have specific websites in which the consumer can be directed to (for each professional service we offer leads to).
There is a form on each of these websites in which the consumer will input their details. These details will then be sent straight to one of the partner companies in the consumer’s postcode area (our leads are exclusive and are only sold once).

If you were to partner up with us, you would then receive a brief email containing the consumer’s details including, their name, two phone numbers, their postcode and their email address.
Once the consumer has submitted their information, they are redirected to a ‘thank you’ page where they will be presented with information about the partner company that will be contacting them (this can be personalised to include whatever information you wish).
If the lead was not satisfactory i.e. the phone number was invalid or it was a clearly a time waster using obviously fake details such as Mickey Mouse and such, then these would be classed as rejections and you would be able to claim a free lead in place of the invalid one. Each rejection is individually verified by our UK based rejections team and are viewed on a case-by-case basis.

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