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Your real-time lead supplierOur service and a bit about us.

Our Service

Professional Leads provide web based sales leads for various professional sectors including Legal, Financial Advice and Bookkeeping. All our leads are provided in real time and are drilled down to agreed postcode regions. We are proud that we also adhere to exclusivity on the leads, unlike many of other companies who sell-on leads several times.

  • Leads drilled to specific postcodes,
  • Real time delivery into your inbox,
  • Exclusive sales leads only sold once,
  • All leads generated through Google Adwords (no email marketing/telesales),
  • All leads pro-actively searching Google for your services,

  • Fair Rejection Policy,
  • No contracts – if you don’t like our leads you’re not committed to annual fees.

Our Team

We are a family run business based in the beautiful Yorkshire town of Otley, near Leeds.

Jonathan McGee
Jonathan McGeeManaging Director
Robert McGee
Robert McGeeSales Director
Lee Jackson
Lee JacksonSales/Technical Director
Graham McGee
Graham McGeeDirector & Business Consultant
John Metcalfe
John MetcalfeSenior Sales Consultant
Jake Rathbone
Jake RathboneCustomer Experience Executive
James Waterhouse
James WaterhouseBusiness Development Executive
Amie Lister
Amie ListerCustomer Success Executive
Emma Wordsworth Perrin
Emma Wordsworth PerrinQualification Team Supervisor
Mike Gillson
Mike GillsonCustomer Experience Executive
Jessica Paver
Jessica PaverJessica Paver Representative
Paul Longmore
Paul LongmoreCompliance Consultant


Q: What type of financial advisory leads do you offer?2017-03-29T15:31:32+01:00

A: Our financial advisor leads cover a wide spectrum including pensions, investments and estate planning.

Q: Can you tell me the average conversion rate?2017-02-20T11:59:33+00:00

A: As these leads are all localised, we find conversion rates are pretty high. In some instances our clients can turn around 1 in 3 of the valid leads.

Q: What about the free assessment?2017-03-29T15:32:17+01:00

A: This is the original call that you would put in to speak to the consumer.

Q: What about leads that have wrong numbers etc?2017-02-20T11:58:00+00:00

A: We have a thorough rejections policy that can be sent through for your perusal. This is supported by our friendly and personal customer service team.

Q: How would I receive the leads?2017-03-29T15:34:12+01:00

A: The leads are sent in real time to your in-box. i.e you receive them as soon as the customer submits the form.

Q: How are the leads sourced?2017-03-29T15:33:35+01:00

A: Our leads are sourced from clever intent based google web marketing strategies and are delivered to your inbox in real time. We never use telesales or email marketing to source our leads.

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