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What is it? A lead calling service is like having your own in-house telemarketing team – they ring the leads the minute they have been entered into the system, then qualify the leads and take notes on the circumstances. They are then able to book a telephone or face-to-face appointments, depending on your preference.
Who does it? Professional Leads do not provide this service. We have partnered up with some reputable companies that have vast experience in this market. The partner company that suits your needs can be selected according to the number of leads you want worked and their postcode areas.
How is the lead passed over? It differs for different advisors. Some advisors want the qualified leads to be emailed across directly so they may follow up in their own time. Others want appointments to be made, and others just want an initial fact find with a call back time arranged.
Do I still call the leads as well? No – leave everything to the calling company. Only speak to the clients once they have passed through the details. This leaves you free to only spend time and energy on the leads that are going to be productive.
How Much does it cost? The cost for this service starts at around £27 per lead (no VAT) (differs for Accountancy and Bookkeeping networks) however final commercials will be between you and the calling company.
What’s in it for Professional Leads? We do not directly benefit from the service commercially –  however we understand that some advisors aren’t able to ring leads the minute they come in, which is the key to success with lead generation, so we feel advisors can often get better results by employing a calling service – ultimately meaning they are happy with our service and getting a better return on their investment.
Can you set this up for me? No –  the contracts and commercials are between you and the calling company – we can get the leads going but you will need to finalise the agreement with the calling company, however this process is really simple.
Who deals with rejections? The calling company would send through rejections and copy you in so you are able to reconcile your invoices
What are typical conversion/contact rates? The average contact rates on these leads vary from 60-70% and the average appointment rate for valid leads sits between 25-40%
How often are the leads called? They will be called up to 6 times at different times of the day from 9am-8pm Mon-Sat for 7 days. Only on the 10th day is the lead deemed uncontactable.
Will I get regular reports/updates The lead calling company will keep you updated with a weekly report on the status of all leads.

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